Private Rented Sector Licensing 2016: residents, tenants and businesses in Brent - chapter based consultation

Closed 16 Dec 2016

Opened 7 Nov 2016


Much of the private rented sector in Brent is well run and in good condition. However, there are parts of the sector that are poorly managed and do not meet the needs of tenants. We want a better private rented sector in Brent and we believe this can be achieved by a system of licensing. We think these new arrangements will be welcomed by both tenants and responsible landlords alike.

In January 2015 the Brent Council introduced additional licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) which was added to our existing mandatory HMO licensing scheme in order to combat the problems caused by HMOs in Brent.  Also in January 2015, the council introduced selective licensing of all privately rented accommodation in the wards of Willesden Green, Harlesden and Wembley Central to combat the problems of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in those areas linked to poor management of single family, privately rented housing.



Why your views matter

We are now proposing to introduce selective licensing of privately rented accommodation in all or other areas of the borough, which would require that all privately rented properties not covered by the existing selective, mandatory scheme or the additional licensing scheme should also have a licence.  The council is proposing this, having considered problems of anti-social behaviour, poor housing condition, inward migration, deprivation and crime in the borough.

We welcome your suggestions, which will be considered as part of this consultation process.

Who is being consulted?

Target Group:  Residents, tenants and businesses in Brent (we are also consulting with landlords, neighbouring authorities and businesses)      

Geographic area: Borough-wide  (including anyone likely to be affected by the proposal)          

Consultation methods: Online questionnaire (paper version available on request)


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